Julien publishes his paper in Chem. Mater!

Insights in SSZ-13 Al distributions from (IZC) synthesis have been unraveled...

· 02-12-2019

... handing us the levers to optimize redox catalysis by bottom up design (e.g. for methane partial oxidation)

High Si SSZ-13 synthesis is tuned towards optimal divalent cation capacity (DCC). The effectiveness of the applied synthesis strategies are demonstrated by methane partial oxidation (MPO) tests with record high (above statistical) methanol productivity from post-synthesis exchange. The uncovered (synthesis) relations uncovered in this work can inspire the search for catalytically relevant Al-ensembles in zeolites used in a diverse range of transition-metal ion based reactions.

This work is the result of fruitful cooperation with the Sels group and an interdepartemental collaboration with Dr. Cedric Van Goethem and Prof. Jin Won Seo, and includes a contribution from Dr. Son-Jong Hwang from Caltech (California, USA).