seminar at the CSCE by Prof Leonard of Liege

on CO2 issues

· 30-04-2019

Prof. Gregoire Leonard

Grégoire LEONARD is associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Liège since 2015. He received a master in chemical engineering from the University of Liège and a master in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Munich. Grégoire completed his PhD in the field of post-combustion CO2 capture focusing on the stability of amine solvents and combining modeling and experimental works. Grégoire did post-doctoral research stays at Columbia University and Arizona State University, where he studied the relevance of long-term chemical energy storage technologies with Dr. Klaus Lackner.

Seminar at Gibss room in Chem&Tech, 11am, 26/04/2019

In this presentation, the activities related to CO2 at the University of Liège will be presented. After shortly introducing the challenges related to CO2 emissions, a brief overview of main CO2 capture technologies will be made, evidencing the maturity level of the different capture methods. In particular, our research activities related to post-combustion capture and solvent stability will be described.

Then, different CO2 re-use technologies will be discussed, with the focus set on fuel synthesis and its possible role in the future energy mix in Belgium. A system approach will be presented (grid scale), as well as ULiège research related to process design and optimization.

Finally, we will introduce the FRITCO2T platform (Federation of Researchers in Innovative Technologies for CO2 Transformation) created in 2016 at ULiège that gathers 3 faculties and 4 labs. Further research fields of the Platform include the production of mono/polymers, construction materials, as well as direct physical use of CO2 as a solvent or for foaming applications.